• Rail guide – the universal

    The VertiTex with rail guide is ideal for windows that are only exposed to moderate wind load.

  • VertiTex wire guide version

    The VertiTex with wire/rope guide is the optimal solution if you desire a particularly light and airy outer appearance. Likewise suitable for windows with moderate wind load, the vertical awning is convincing because of its fresh and airy look.

  • Great design in miniature cassette size

    It is only as big as a bank card: with a cassette height of between 74 mm an 86 mm, the vertiTex cassette is especially small and discreet.

A tiny cassette for large fabric widths

Large vertical glass areas allow the sun to pour in virtually unhindered. The effect: heated interior spaces and unpleasant glare. With an externally fitted vertical awning from the VertiTex range, weinor offers sun protection, an anti-glare screen, wind protection and privacy protection all rolled into one. The fabric and technology are both housed in one miniature, delicate cassette but are still capable of shading large areas. The red dot award-winning VertiTex is available in different versions, colours and fabric qualities to suit your requirements and wind loads.

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