Commercial Parasols

Large Scale Commercial Parasols

At Savills The Awning Company, we provide an assortment of large-scale parasols tailored for commercial use and designed to elevate outdoor environments. Each parasol undergoes rigorous wind tunnel testing, ensuring resilience against unpredictable British weather conditions.

Personalised Solutions That Enhance Outdoor Spaces

Our Commercial Giant Parasols offer extensive customisation options to suit specific preferences. Customers can select from a wide array of fabric colours, screen printing designs, and powder coating finishes for the frames, allowing for uniquely personalised solutions to enhance outdoor spaces.

  • A16 Parasols

    Ideal for large areas.
    Extremely robust large umbrella.
    Windproof and weatherproof.

  • A2 Parasols

    Perfect for small/medium areas.
    Variety of sizes.
    8-arm telescope technology.

  • A4 Extreme

    Perfect for windy locations.
    Reinforced construction.
    Tested in the wind tunnel.

  • A4 Parasols

    Shades small/middle-sized areas
    Variety of sizes
    8-arm telescopic technology

  • A8 Parasols

    Excellent for advertising
    Extremely robust large umbrella
    Wind and weatherproof​​​​​​​

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